We have worked with all aspects of tiling and waterproofing and we've found that water damage is second only to fire as the highest cause of insurance claims for structural damage in all domestic buildings. Because of this problem waterproofing has become such a vital and important part of the building and construction code of practice.Through our years of experience we have identified areas within domestic buildings that are critical when it comes to providing an effectiveWaterproofing system. Areas include:


  • Bathroom,
  • Ensuite,
  • Laundry,
  • Water closet,
  • Outdoor Balcony and Porch areas,
  • Ponds and Water Features,
  • Basement walls & Retaining walls backing onto external soil,
  • Planter boxes and in some cases Kitchens.


We also perform work on commercial building sites in areas similar to domestic buildings but also include:


  • Underground car park areas,
  • Lift pits,
  • Boiler rooms,
  • Air conditioner rooms,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Concrete water tanks,
  • RRoofs and trafficable Landing areas.


Whatever the substrate we'll make it work. If it's new or renovation work, Superior Contractors will provide a service that will meet all of your waterproofing and tiling needs.





When it comes to construction work we provide waterproofing services for a range of different areas and listed below are the different products we use.

External areas UV exposed work we use:

Autotene Base/PTestudo 30Proteaduo/P, Argo P, PerfobaseModo PSirio PRollbaseVapordiffuserFidiaTestudoTestudo Mineral, EPDM rubber.

External areas UV protected work we use:

Testudo, Fidia, Emerproof 750, EPDM rubber.

Internal wet areas we use:

• Emer-Proof 250, Emer-Proof 680, Emer-Proof 695, Emer-proof 750, Emer-Clad Waterproofing, Tilebond Flex, Butyl rubber.

Trafficable coating system including car parks we use:

• Durafloor TC.

Below ground basement waterproofing we use:

• Emer-Proof HDPE, Emer-Proof HD, Proofex Engage.

Landscaped areas including planter box areas we use:

• Emer-Proof 750, Fidia, Defend H Anti-Root.

Retaining wall damp proofing we use:

• Emer-Proof Ecoflex, Testudo, Fidia, Emerproof 750.

Water retaining (concrete water tanks, concrete repair) excluding structures we use:

• Vandex BB75-Z, Vandex BB75E-Z, Vandex Concrete Grey, Vandex Cemelast, Vandex Plug, Vandex Uni Mortar 1-Z, Vandex Construction Joint Tape, Vandex Elasticizer PK75.

Adhesives and tile adhesives we use:

• Construction Adhesive, Adhesive A901, Adhesive A922, Tilebond Flex.

Drainage products we use:

• Tema Tefond, Tema Tefond Drain Plus, Emer-Proof Drain V.

Architectural facade waterproofing and protective coating systems we use:

• Emer-Patch (smooth), Emer-Impact, Emer-Clad Firecheck.

General Construction Sealants:

• Trade Acrylic, Emer-Seal PU, Emer-Seal MS, Emer-Seal PU40, Emer-Seal PU25, Hilastic 44, Hilastic 66, Hilastic 88, Construction Silicone, Coolroom Mastic, Gap Filler, Secomastic, Plastiseal, Lexel, Clear Seam Sealer, Construction Silicone HM.

Fire Rated Sealants:

• Flamex One, Flamex PU.

Metal Ducting Sealants:

• Emer-Seal Duct Sealer, Ductseal WB, Ductseal SB.

Civil Construction Sealants:

• Emer-Seal CR, Emer-Seal 200, Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade, Thioflex 600 Gun Grade, Roadseal SL, Roadseal, Colpor 200PF, Nitoseal 280, Emer-Band.

Pre-Cast Concrete Jointing Systems:

• Conseal CS231, Conwrap.


Shower Angle


Shower Hob


Typical Dranage Flange