Superior Contractors


Superior Contractors are a family run waterproofing business which was first established in 1994 and have since expanded into tiling with our head of tiling Denis McNamara bringing over 20 years experience to our team. Since entry into to ACT building market we have serviced hundreds of commercial contractors, builders and do it your self owner builders.


We continue to offer our service to Canberra’s leading builder’s who’s number one aim is to offer the best guarantee for their clients and are not going to compromise waterproofing standards for the sake of a few dollars. We also offer a very valuable service to many DIY and OB customers that contact us for assistance in getting their job ready for waterproofing & tiling.


As well as offering the most professional service to our customers, we continue to educate everyone we come in contact with about the importance of waterproofing and encouraging correct waterproofing practices. We have a healthy relationship with all our builders and regularly discuss the best possible solution to getting a modern and fresh look to areas such as new bathrooms, whilst not compromising on the effectiveness of our waterproofing systems.


As a member of MBA (Master Builder’s Association), we are regularly up to date with the current Australian waterproofing and tiling standards and also maintain the highest standard as is required for such membership.


We are committed to ensuring that quality is met throughout the life of our warranty and will continue to go back and address any unforseen problems that may arise long after the job is complete. We’ve identified this as one of the main reasons we have lasted so long in the industry and will see that this vital service is maintained.





Water damage is second only to fire as the highest cause of insurance claims for structural damage in all domestic buildings. Because of this problem waterproofing has become such a vital and important part of the building and construction code of practice. Through out our many years of experience in waterproofing and tiling we have identified areas within domestic and commercial buildings that are critical when it comes to providing an effective Waterproofing system. This also includes correct tiling practices.


Areas include: bathroom, ensuite, laundry, water closet, outdoor balcony and porch areas, ponds and water features, basement walls & retaining walls backing onto external soil, planter boxes and in some cases kitchens.


We also perform work on commercial building sites in areas similar to domestic buildings but also include underground car park areas, lift pits, boiler rooms, air conditioner rooms, swimming pools, concrete water tanks, roofs and trafficable landing areas just to give an idea of our versatility. Whatever the substrate we'll protect it from water damage. Whether it's a new job or repair Superior Contractors will provide a service that will meet all of your waterproofing and tiling needs.